Güney Amerika’da 120 Gün

120 Days in South America, 120 Dias en Südamerica

Merhaba, Hello, Hola!


15 August 2017

I am traveling in Australia now. Since Travelpod stopped servicing I have to organise this blog by myself with the files provided by travelpod. Thanks travelpod that they have given good service in their active period for years. Now I have to organise this blog by myself.

Let’s start a South America Travel together. As much as I find time I will rebuild the pages and especially photos. Thanks for your understanding this period. You may appreciate how sometimes is hard to keep a blog when you are really traveling. Anyway, no excuse, I will do my best.


ISLA Del SOL… Titicaca


ISLA Del SOL… Titicaca
Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

16-18 May 2013


It is about one and a half hour boat trip from Copacabana. Titicaca is the greatest lake in South America. It is called the highest navigable lake in the world, with a surface elevation nearly 4000 m.

The origin of the name Titicaca is unknown. It has been translated as
“Rock Puma”, as local communities have traditionally interpreted the
shape of the lake to be that of a puma hunting a rabbit. “Titicaca” combines words from the local languages Quechua and Aymara.

I started my visit from the North part of the island where the INCA and Pre-Inca time ruins took place.

I prefered to stay one night. But if you are in hurry to see a lot in a short time it is possible to come Isla del Sol in the morning. Anyway it is better to come 08:30 boat but also you will have another chance to come by 13:30 boat as well.

There are numerous Hostel’s on the Island.

Keep in mind that Isla del Sol in the andes region and it is cold by night even in the summer.

Anyway most probably your next step will be Puno and Cusco. Or you will be coming from there where the climate is more or less the same.

There are settlements both in North and South of the Island (Isla del Sol). I stayed one night in North, one night in South. You can walk approximately in 3 hours with a slow pace from North to South. I perefer boat, but my brother Iosu (from el pais Basco) preferred walking.

As you can understand I am together with Iosu Irıgoien with my “hermano, primo, amigo” with stages of our progressing times around here. And hopefully we will be travelling together to Peru (Puno, Cusco and hopefully Machu Picchu).

The boat trip back Copacabana was a little bit dangerous, because of more than 35 passengers with our luggages on board in a comperatively very small boat.

HINT: I left my luggages at Copacabana in my Hotel. I just took my very small backpack for two days travel to Isla del Sol. I strongly recommend not to carry a lot during this trip (and during all your travels).

Anyway, Isla del Sol was very nice with our time here.

Do not forget you are travelling around average 4000 m. still forcing your physical performance.


There is not much left to Machu Picchu. 🙂

TITICACA… First Stop Copacabana…


TITICACA… First Stop Copacabana…
Copacabana, Bolivia

Copacabana, Bolivia

Way to Copacabana and Isla del Sol…

Copacabana is not so far away from La Paz.
Copacabana is the only main port to go Isla del Sol.
In this entry I present the photos the way from La Paz to Copacabana.

As soon as I found a way among the comic (turbulent) manifests in La Paz, I left this city.

In La Paz we met again Primo Iosu again. I came that city I do not enjoy a lot.
Just to meet Iosu, Roberto ARCE, Maria, Eva, Tommy…
As always happenned, we couldn’t meet with Roberto. He was in Tarija when I was here. When he is in La Paz I was in Tarija, when he is in Tarija I am in La Paz. What can I say? See you next time Roberto 🙂

Anyway after meeting cousin IOSU and my German friends, I escaped La Paz, I tried to escape. 🙂

The blockers kept us one day more in La Paz.

And then I started my 3 hours trip to reached LOVELY COST of TITICACA in Copacabana first.

After I came Copacabana, I waited one day but Iosu couldn’t come out La Paz and couldn’t reach Copacabana because of the blocking of the roads.

I went by boat to Isla del Sol.

In this entry you will find photos from La Paz to Copacabana.

Next entry will be about Isla del Sol.

Nos vemos!



La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia



LA PAZ un Ciudad con solo salida.
Por eso esta muy facil para hacer bloqueo en La Paz.

Hay muchas manifestaciones en Bolivia. POR NADA.
No simpático ycon nada resultado.
Muchas voz altas, hablar muy fanático pero por NADA.

Solomente turistas y viajeros tienen malo tiempos y irregulare, desordenada con buses para viajar feliz.

Como todo politica, una pelicula continuen cada tiempo.

No quire decir muchas cosas.

Una cosa que ESPERA y probablemente vas a tener un manifestacion por nada en tu viaje a Bolivia.


Pat pat pat… Bir tedirginlik. Ne bu?
Havada patlayan silah sesleri sanıyorsunuz önce.
Ciddi patlama sesleri.
Herkes ise hayatına devam ediyor siz bu sesleri ilk kez duyup irkildiğiniz anda.
Bağırmalar, patlamalar, yolo kesmeler..
Sonuç ne?

Koca bir sıfır. Dah belirgin haliyle SIFIR…
Ben bunu halk gazını boşaltıyor diye yorumluyorum.
Ne polis müdahale ediyor ne de gerçekten ciddiye alınıyorlar.

Ancak, “BİZ SÖZÜMÜZÜ SÖYLEDİK, EYLEMİMİZİ YAPTIK” modunda rahatlamış topluluklar hayatına geri dönüyor.
Sonuçsuz sonuçsuz yol kesmeler ve gösteriler.

Bolivya’ya gittiğinizde La Paz’dan Titicaca gölü yakınındaki Copacabana’ya gitmek istediğinizde veya herhangi bir şehre gitmek üzre bilet aldığınızda yol kesmeler, gösteriler tüm programınızı engelleyebilir. Hatta başka bir deyişle kuvvetle muhtemel. Hele La Paz gibi çanak şeklinde kurulu ve tek çıkışı olan bir şehirde hapis iseniz otobüs firmasının gayet sakin “bloke var, kalkınca sizi yollarız” söylemlerine şimdiden hazır olun.

Buranın ikilminin bir özelliği de bu. 4000 metre yüksekliğin getirdiği yükseklik hastalığı emare ve sıkıntılarına bir de bu saçma sapan göstericileri ekleyin.

La Paz’ı sevenler var. Belki kıvamında bir gezgin olamadığımdan daha ben anlayamadım.

La Paz BARIŞ demek ispanyolca.
Herhalde bu şehre şaka olsun diye koymuşlar bu ismi. 🙂

Sağlıkla kalın.



Vallegrande, Bolivia

Vallegrande, Bolivia


Last Stop of “LA RUTA DEL CHE”…

10-12 May 2013

It was like to take part in history somehow. The feeling of being in the same
place of an idol figure where he spent last days of his life. His thoughts, his
struggles, his feelings in his last days.

Higuera is the name of a tree actually. The fruit is FIG. La Higuera is a very
small Bolivian village. Still small…

brings people here is to witness to the last stop of of a legendary man’s our century. I got the
feeling special in my heart with pity for him. Especially when I saw his last photo.

guide David and his father has choosen a life in this small village and made
investigations life of Ernosto Che Guevara.


Che Guevara was a man from Argentina, Buenos Aires.In Argentina, people wanted
to say something to a person or a group excilamed to the by saying “CHE” as if
saying “HEY” in Türkçe (Turkish) or in other languages. Ernosto in his days in
South America to get attention of people says “CHE!!”. For his this exclamation the people gave him a name
(nickname) “CHE”…

(I got this info first from
my couchsurfing host Maria, gracias por informacion.)


entering Bolivia CHE disguised. He changed his hair, style and totally change in appereance with his nearly 60 gerilla comrades. He
wants to built the same kind of revolution in Bolivia.

Bolivia was a (still) country of poor people who would hardly understand and
would cooperate with this revolutionalist feelings and attempts. They were really struggling
with poorness and it was really hard to understand who this man was. Miners in
Potosi would be a right support to him but he couldn’t manage…


From my
perspective Ernosto Guevara’s attempt in Bolivia is nearly equal to suicide. He spent nine months in Bolivia and he lost his life in this nice country.

having seen this place and really felt environment and ambiance at that time, I felt really pity for this
great young man. But at the same time I made and assesment with Türkiye
I don’t want to go deep assesments but to
sacrify life for the people for a better world is a state that will be
respected. I respect a man who serves this purpose REALITY more than a dream.


In the smal building, which was a upils school in La Higuera I felt really sorry. The ordinary small place for ending a great life. This is life…

I don’t want say more but I
captured a video which I will share with my friends. It is a small, old, poor and a great


I don’t have a deeply knowledge
about CHE and his life. But after seing Vallegrande Hospital Lavenderia, the only thing I will say will
be the real revolution should be in minds of people which is nearly
How happy I am that I am a member of a nation who realizes A REAL
REVOLUTION despite contradictory history and millions of people.


I got MY deduction…

travel is not just an enjoyable activities it is a gerat period of learning at the same time.

LEARNED a lot…




Samaipata, Bolivia

Samaipata, Bolivia


06-08 May 2013

Upon of Mi Amore’s advice I went Samaipata. I stayed at Hostal El Jarden.
Lovely ambiance. The photos of my room will reflect the nice ambient.

It resembled to me the Villages of Karadeniz (Black Sea region of Turkey).
Especially some parts were too known to me. It is an interesting environment
with nature and history to me.

The “Mercado Central” and the breakfast I had there, lovely green plants everywhere
and smiling people of Samaipata. The echo platform in Plaza Central (the
unbelivable echo comes back)when you talk throgh the statue from just in front
of the Cafe 1900 The chicks running around, cows, horses and the seas of green
every where together with the bird songs. Lovely, countryside of Bolivia just a
little bit more than 2 hours (120 km) to Santa Cruz…

Deniz &amp; Serdar (La Cocina)

In the first day I met with lovely and energetic Türk couple in their restaurant “La
Cocina”. Deniz an Serdar are enjoying and managing very nice restaurant in
Smaipata. After their three year of travelling all around the world they
decided to stop in this nice village. With their delicious food I spend my
nights with them in La Cocina after I met them. Thank you Deniz and Serdar

New Friends…

Martin, thanks for inviting for painting, wine and nice chat with friends.
I will keep promise (cooking Türk Food) to my new friends especially Kari and Martin.

I met an amazing Brasilian in La Cocina. Ricardo with his amazing evaluations about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and modern Turkey together with the deep knowledge about the life of Atatürk… My new, young, smiling, brilliant Brasilian writer Friend Ricardo Lima…


The historical belonging of pre INCA and INCA period and after with Spniards is
EL FUERTE. With our guidde Nelly, we made a short voyage walking around and in
El Fuerte. With its secrets and stories El Fuerte is a place magnificient and
huge. I love to see and be this place.


The forest tour with our guide ELBA was very interesting. Taking pictures and
walking in harsh environment was hard for me sometimes but somehow I managed to
keep the pace of the group.

I understood once more that;

  • there is no end of the knowledge,
  • the earth is too old,
  • life styles are nearly endless and their survivability is magnicifient,
  • THE HUMANBEING is the late comer to this lovely planet but quick enough to destroy it…


One thing that I understood is “it is imposible to see everywhere”in our planet. As
time permits; I would love to see places, but one life supposedly not enough to
see all.

Samaipata gave me some grief at the same time with its fame about the gringos waiting and
orginising the operation to kill a very famaous young man with the nick name CHE..

In my next entry, you will find the photos and story of La Higuera, where Ernosto Che
Guevara was killed… I went La Higuera by way of Vallegrande.

Cooming soon…




Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

04 May 2013,


Bienvenidos a una clima tropical. Humid. Hot. Bienvenidos Mosquitos.

My highlights are:

  • Samaipata (will be an entry later this)
    • El Bosque AMBORO…
  • La Higuera (will be an entry after Samaipata)
  • Casa del Camba (para buffet en domingos)
  • Mariposario (no puedo ir pero mejor que irlo)


Hem çok nemli, hemde Bolivya ekonomisi için çok önemli. Bolivya’nın en zengin kentlerinden biri. Bütün ülkeye ve yurtdışına narenciye buradan gönderiliyor. Tarım ileri olduğu kadar ticaretin kalbi Santa Cruz. Kafam karıştı. BUrada yaşayanlar ve görünümleri Bolivya’lı ise, La Paz’dakiler ne? Herhalde bir daha gelip araştırmam gerekecek. 🙂

Tropikal iklime yakın bir yere gelmedim sadece, La Paz ile ilgili algılarımdan sonra tam tersi bağlamında yaşamları gördüğüm değişik bir yere gelmiş oldum.

İspanyolca’da SABER Bilmek, CONOCER Tanımak anlamına geliyor.
Bolivya’yı TANIMA (Conocer) adına farklı bir deneyim oldu Santa Cruz. Tabii ki bu sınırlı sürede benim gözlemlediğim kadarı ile. 4000 metrelik soğuk La Paz nerede, yaklaşık 2000 metrelik sıcak Santa Cruz nerede.

Tarija’daki eğlenceli günlerden sonra kendimi başlangıçtab yalnız hissettim Santa Cruz’da. Arkadaşlarımın tavsiyelerine göre bir gezi programı yaptım. Mariposario, Samaipata başta olmak üzere.

Ancak Santa Cruz beni gözyaşlarıyla karşıladığı için yüzme ve sulu etkinliklerin olduğu Mariposario olamadı. Ben de açık büfe olan ve tipik bir restoramn olan Casa del Camba’da yemeklerimi yedim ilk pazar günümde. 80 Bs. 20 TL civarında çok kaliteli bir mekanda açık büfe. (İçecek dahil değil.)

Kente öyle ahım şahım birşey yok. Ama yakın çevre müthiş doğa zenginlikleri ile sizleri kucaklamaya hazır.


Burada (Santa Cruz’da) ilk defa sivrisinekler “merhaba” dediler. Off türü ilaçlar, kremler burada satılıyor dert değil. Ben hepsini boşuna yük etmişim Türkiye’den. Arjantin’de de var, Şili’de de.

Ancak La Ruta del Che’ye gittiğimde bir gece Vallegrande’de konakladım ve CHINCHA dedikleri yataklarda bulunan bir böcek midir, nedir bilmem kaşın kaşın öldüm, 4 gün perişan oldum. %90 diz altından itibaren bacaklarım dedik deşik oldu. Her nimetin bir külfeti var. Vallegrande’de yatacaksanız önlemini alın, sorun soruşturun, aklınızda bulunsun.




Tarija, Bolivia

Tarija, Bolivia


After having some general information about Tarija I would like to present its some beauties together with my friends there. Actually what were nice, were FRIENDS. From different countries but sincere and open for sharing.

We spend time together. Cooking together, Talking together, Hiking together, Playing together, Listenning Music together and Learning together with a lot of SHARING…

It was very very nice and absolutely SHORT time with them.


Everything started for me that I intented to go for first time. That night (30 of May) I went for diner upon the invitation of Karina to a Tarijan friend (Glosberg). Iosu (later my primo Basque/Vasco) prepared delicious paella. We ate and drink.

At the end of the night Goldsberg strated the legendery slogan “No se va, El Turco no se va!!!” after it was my slogan to stay in Tarija with two more extention.

Everyone of them added an originality to the group. The group was later MI PUEBLO that I love a lot.

After eating in Hostel La Casa Blanca we go dancing at midnight (for the first time for me in South America) with slogan “PUEBLO, UNIDO, JAMAS SERA VENCIDO !!” (sorry for accentos and missing spanih notations)…

With the guidance of Luis it was very nice to trek in countryside in Tarija.



Con fuerto Abrazo a todos…




Tarija, Bolivia

Tarija, Bolivia


(In Part One you will have the photos of in general. But especially my visit to San Jasinto and
La Ruta de Vino.)

27 April – 04 May 2013…

No pienso que he voy a estar aqui muchas dias. Pero mas o menos 8 dias en Tarija con amigos era muy feliz…

En exactamente descripcion TRANQUILO CIUDAD. Espero que si vengo otra vez voy a visitar Tarija otro vez mas.

In the beginning I just wanted to see the city roughly and immediately heading up north to Peru and Cuzco for Machu Pichu.

But NOTING GOES AS EVER PLANNED… I am here for 8 days and I am very happy. Sucre and Tarija has the same effect on ravellers. I mean you stay these places more than planned.

Lovely city. It has Mediterranean ambiance without sea. But you don’t feel yourself in land in Tarija. Lovely Tarija.


San Jasinto,
La Ruta de Vino,
San Lorenzo,
Small cute villages,
Warm blooded residents…

It is like Argentina more than Bolivia’s general view.

Me gusta Tarija mucho mucho…

Hostal Casa Blanca y dueno Luis es muy amable y bonita tambien. No otra lugar para estar mejor Tarija. No olvido Tarija…


Benim için Tarija şu ana kadar gezdiklerim arasında Bolivya’nın en güzel ve temiz kenti. Kentin havası deniz olmamasına rağmen Akdeniz iklimini çağrıştırırken , yapılar ve özellikle kırsal alanlar köyler ve tarlalar bana kendimi Türkiye’de benzer bir yerde veya çok huzurlu bir ortamda hissettirdi.

Bir teşekkürü de sıcak kalpleriyle bizi kucaklayan Hostel La Casa Blanca ve tarihin ve talihin bizi buluşturduğu tüm CASA BLANCA arkadaşlarıma yolluyorum. Karina, Kattia, Maria, Eva, Luz, Malena, Iosu (primo), Rok, Vojtek, Ulyses, Celine, Tommy ve diğerleri… Glosberg, Malena, Miguel….

Ve son söz de grubun sloganına kaldı.


(To be Continued)

Çok keyiflilerdi.