First Day At Argentina 11 February 2013


First Day At Argentina 11 February 2013
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

İlk defa 2003’de geldiğim bu şehre yeniden 2013’de gelmiş olacağım. TK-15 ile. İstanbul-Buenos Aires…

Programa koyarak kendimi çok sıkmadan araştıra araştıra sindire sindire gezmeyi umduğum Güney Amerika gezim 11 Şubat 2013’de başlamış olacak kısmetse.

My first visit to Buenos Aires was in December, 2003 . After my decision starts to surface, the starting point is determined as Buenos Aires. For just one simple reason, a big city who speak Spanish and common point for Airways.

The plan will shape itself begining from Buenos Aires. And the return ticket will take me Buenos Aires again that I hope the enjoy city at the end of three months.

(to be countinued)



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