Cochabamba, Bolivia

Cochabamba, Bolivia

16 April 2013,


Nine hours bus travel takes us to COCHABAMBA. On the way I took some photos to tell the feeling travelling in Bolivia. But I would like to remind you that this was one of the best travel. You will have some photos of the travel.

In Cochabamba I found myself a different and nice city after La Paz.
Very very differenet from La Paz. But some friends says that South La Paz is also so nice. My experience is limited the city center, main Plaza and Sagarnaga street.

cOCHABAMBA; It is LOWWW and that I LOVVVVE it. Cochabamba’s altitude is around 2600 meter. I rejoiced and have the beauty of breathing easily.

Besides that a flat city with nice and long streets. Flowers and very nice climate.

The CRISTO statue. Now second greatest one in the world. I learned that Poland has fthe greatest. But the Cristo in Cochabamba is greater than the one in Rio de Janiero.

The nice meat restaurant La Estancia.

I met very nice friend Denis and I had a very nice aftrenoon with his company.

Plaza Central with its nice view. Every city has a central Plaza ib Bolivia (and with a great possibility the other South America cities)

Enjoy the pictures of this nice city…



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