SUCRE… La Ciudad Blanca…


SUCRE… La Ciudad Blanca…
Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia

18 April 2013,


SUCRE is the capital of Bolivia. I knew that La Paz is the capital but it is just the where the government buildings located. Historically and really SUCRE is the capital. After La Paz, Cochabamba was nice but I really LOVE Sucre.

SILENT, CLEAN and ENJOYABLE. Sucre with its white painted buildings seems to me like a Mediterrenean city.

There is some outdoor attractions in the nearby distances. But I wanted to relax and stay in the city.

SUCRE is the capital city and LA CASA DE LIBERTAD is the building where the liberty and sovereignty is declared by Simon Bolivar and collegues. It is a building of history.

I visited the Archeology Museum with some mummies kept. Potery of ancient civilizations, weapons and fabric used by the pre INCA and Inca period.

The Hostel I stayed was a family house. It was very clean and nice. The owner Osvaldo invited me the dance show (musical) which his small girl participated. It was a mixture of the world famous shows like CATS, CHICAGO and others. I really like it and have a good night with family, here I would like to thank to their friendship.

La Recoleta is a square on top of the city. It was a great view point (mirador) that I like and passed my sunset times there. The only missing thing was my RAKI (Turkish national specail grape drink with anis in it) anyway I like it a lot.

The MERCADO CENTRAL was another remarkable place. It was very original in its own sense. The sellers and villagers are selling their own products and a lot of food can be found readily served.



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