Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni, Bolivia

More Photos to come….

Sorry for loose internet connection. I could not manage to use Fotosizer type programs. Every photo nearly 5 MB which takes ages to upload. 🙂 Sorry…

22-25 April 2013,


The magnificient salt flats and wonderful travel along Altiplanos.


I planned solely to see the Salt Flat in the beginning. One day SALAR tour wasn’t enough to me. I decided to see the other natural beauties. I decided to take 3 days full tour package which is around 650-750 Bs. I spent two magnificient days in SALAR.

The feeling of infinity and the scenery takes us an other world. Especially the views from the Isla Pescado (Fish Island). This Island is called INCAHUASI which means “The House of Incas”. The INCAS while moving south having a pause for relaxing and rest. With Cactuses more than 500 years it is an incredible place.

ALTI PLANO and other Natural Monumental Beauties…

The world famous Salar de Uyuni really deserves its fame with unbelievable scenery and the feeling of infinity.

The geysers coming from the ground with an incredible power and the smell of sulphur take us to another planet. It was really cold in the morning (5:30). It is remarkable to express that ABOVE 5000 meter is another harsh experience for me. Coca leafs help or not I don’t know. In a way I survived and have this experience in my basket as well…

Photographs in Salar is another indispensible experience and art. The necessity of better equipment is obvious after this adventure.

What can I say. Simple explanation I AM HAPPY. I am very happy to be able to come and make this adventure real in my life.

Due to poor internet connection it is a little bit slow to upload. I hardly find enough time to share my days promptly (on time) with you.

Enjoy the adventure…


Gezimin en keyifli anlarından biri… En kıymetli karşılaşmalardan biri…
Akşam yemeğini yemek için bir restoranda beklerken iki kişi aceleleri belli olacak şekilde masa ararken “Buyrun msa boşalana kadar burada bekleyebilirsiniz” dedim. Büyük bir nezaketle beni rahatsız etmemek istediklerini söylediler. “Benim ülkemde insanlar birb,rlerine yardımdan zevk alırlar” diyincekarşı taraftan soru geldi; “Where are yu from?” Ben de TÜRKİYE dedim ve “O zman neden ingilzce konuşuyoruz dediler. Neşe ve Evrim ile buluşmamız çok mutlu bir MERHABA oldu bizlere Uyuni’de. Asla unutmayacağım nefis bir an.

MERHABA arkadaşlar…



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