Samaipata, Bolivia

Samaipata, Bolivia


06-08 May 2013

Upon of Mi Amore’s advice I went Samaipata. I stayed at Hostal El Jarden.
Lovely ambiance. The photos of my room will reflect the nice ambient.

It resembled to me the Villages of Karadeniz (Black Sea region of Turkey).
Especially some parts were too known to me. It is an interesting environment
with nature and history to me.

The “Mercado Central” and the breakfast I had there, lovely green plants everywhere
and smiling people of Samaipata. The echo platform in Plaza Central (the
unbelivable echo comes back)when you talk throgh the statue from just in front
of the Cafe 1900 The chicks running around, cows, horses and the seas of green
every where together with the bird songs. Lovely, countryside of Bolivia just a
little bit more than 2 hours (120 km) to Santa Cruz…

Deniz &amp; Serdar (La Cocina)

In the first day I met with lovely and energetic Türk couple in their restaurant “La
Cocina”. Deniz an Serdar are enjoying and managing very nice restaurant in
Smaipata. After their three year of travelling all around the world they
decided to stop in this nice village. With their delicious food I spend my
nights with them in La Cocina after I met them. Thank you Deniz and Serdar

New Friends…

Martin, thanks for inviting for painting, wine and nice chat with friends.
I will keep promise (cooking Türk Food) to my new friends especially Kari and Martin.

I met an amazing Brasilian in La Cocina. Ricardo with his amazing evaluations about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and modern Turkey together with the deep knowledge about the life of Atatürk… My new, young, smiling, brilliant Brasilian writer Friend Ricardo Lima…


The historical belonging of pre INCA and INCA period and after with Spniards is
EL FUERTE. With our guidde Nelly, we made a short voyage walking around and in
El Fuerte. With its secrets and stories El Fuerte is a place magnificient and
huge. I love to see and be this place.


The forest tour with our guide ELBA was very interesting. Taking pictures and
walking in harsh environment was hard for me sometimes but somehow I managed to
keep the pace of the group.

I understood once more that;

  • there is no end of the knowledge,
  • the earth is too old,
  • life styles are nearly endless and their survivability is magnicifient,
  • THE HUMANBEING is the late comer to this lovely planet but quick enough to destroy it…


One thing that I understood is “it is imposible to see everywhere”in our planet. As
time permits; I would love to see places, but one life supposedly not enough to
see all.

Samaipata gave me some grief at the same time with its fame about the gringos waiting and
orginising the operation to kill a very famaous young man with the nick name CHE..

In my next entry, you will find the photos and story of La Higuera, where Ernosto Che
Guevara was killed… I went La Higuera by way of Vallegrande.

Cooming soon…



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