TITICACA… First Stop Copacabana…


TITICACA… First Stop Copacabana…
Copacabana, Bolivia

Copacabana, Bolivia

Way to Copacabana and Isla del Sol…

Copacabana is not so far away from La Paz.
Copacabana is the only main port to go Isla del Sol.
In this entry I present the photos the way from La Paz to Copacabana.

As soon as I found a way among the comic (turbulent) manifests in La Paz, I left this city.

In La Paz we met again Primo Iosu again. I came that city I do not enjoy a lot.
Just to meet Iosu, Roberto ARCE, Maria, Eva, Tommy…
As always happenned, we couldn’t meet with Roberto. He was in Tarija when I was here. When he is in La Paz I was in Tarija, when he is in Tarija I am in La Paz. What can I say? See you next time Roberto 🙂

Anyway after meeting cousin IOSU and my German friends, I escaped La Paz, I tried to escape. 🙂

The blockers kept us one day more in La Paz.

And then I started my 3 hours trip to reached LOVELY COST of TITICACA in Copacabana first.

After I came Copacabana, I waited one day but Iosu couldn’t come out La Paz and couldn’t reach Copacabana because of the blocking of the roads.

I went by boat to Isla del Sol.

In this entry you will find photos from La Paz to Copacabana.

Next entry will be about Isla del Sol.

Nos vemos!


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